Burning Man 2010 Project

After doing Burning Life with Eye Ree for a few years… I’m trying to arrange things so I can go to Burning Man this year. I may actually go as Eye Ree with the help of this and this.

But, I’ve had so much fun with the projects I built for Burning Life I wanted to do something similar for Burning Man. My current idea is a “Group Hug Meter”. It would use some ultrasonic sensors to read the size and density of a group of people and light up a bar graph as more people join.

As building stuff like this is new to me, especially for as challenging environment as Burning Man,  any advice on the structure design would be very helpful.

I’ll have to do some custom programmable micro controller development to make this work like I want it to. I’ve never done electronics like this but I’m sure I can count on some help from some of my friends who are into that sort of thing. The first challenge will be to see if the sensors work something like I hope they do.

The idea is the use three sensors with increasing beam angles. I’ll read the “analog envelope” from each sensor and compute the area under the graph where the distance is less than 10′ and compare it to the area under the graph where the distance is greater than 10′. If smallest beam angle sensor is “full”, then go on to read the next larger. When it is “full” read the largest.

I plan to update my blog with more details as I make progress…. Wish me luck!

  1. July 4th, 2012
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