Burning Man 2010 Project – First Results

I’ve got some very early results to show on my Burning Man 2010 project. Last weekend my friend Steve helped me get a prototype board with an ultrasonic sensor running:

I’m using an ATMEGA32 CPU and a XL-MaxSonar-AE0 sensor. I have some LEDs hooked up to show some diagnostic output and a trimmer to control the voltage level that triggers that output.

When I hook my scope (an inexpensive PC USB Oscilloscope DiSco) up to the analog envelope output of the sensor I get output like this:

The initial pulse occurs at the start of the sensors cycle. The pulse that starts at the green line is generated when the sound emitted by the sensor that bounces off the ceiling (I have the sensor pointed up from my table) makes it back to the sensor.

The output changes to this when I hold a 3/8″ dowel over the sensor:

When I hold a 6″ board over the sensor at the same height, this is the signal I get:

The difference in the voltage level between small objects and large objects is the key to how I want to use the sensor. The idea is that as the area in the view of the sensor fills up with people the voltage level will go up. As it goes up I will trigger more of the lights in the meter to come on.

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